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If you need emergancy builders in London, look no further than barl's team of trade specialists. We have years of experience on our side and the customer feedback to assure you that you're in safe hands. What's more, every job our London builders perform is covered by our minimum six month guarantee, so if something goes wrong as a direct result of our work, we'll fix the problem with no cost to you.


- You're in control - Our tradesman won't make any decisions without providing full diagnosis and repair options explained.


- 7am to 8pm everyday - We're on call for your building needs in London and the surrounding areas. Call our office to arrange an appointment.


- No hidden charges - You do not pay for your builder's parking or congestion charges and you'll be provided an itemised invoice.



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Minimum six month guarantee


Every building job we perform is covered by our minimum six month guarantee. This isn't just a list of promises that we make to you whenever you call us on 0203 590 2756, but also peace of mind for you in case something goes wrong.


If a problem arises following your building job, you can call us and we'll assess the situation. If the fault is because of the work we performed, we'll repair it immediately with no cost to you.


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